Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Stampin' Up

This was the second of four cards we made at the recent SU class so all materials are SU.
It is the first easel card I have made and I shall explain why. I like looking at easel cards on other people's blogs etc, some of them are very clever. What has always bothered me though is if you are not sending the card to another crafter how will they know how to stand it up?
I did not think it would be immediately obvious IYKWIM.
When I brought this one home I gave it to Graham straight from the envelope. His first thought was I had made it wrong....I told him it was meant to be like that and told him it was an easel card to see if that gave him a clue.
Eventually he figured it out but said without the clue it would have taken him longer or he would have gone with his first thought that it was an error and just laid the whole thing flat!
So, I don't think I will be making many more of them, unless sending to crafters.


Tracey said...

Hi thankyou for the comments on my blog Susan, you asked where the fair is, it is in Grimsby on the 11th september ( it is not clear from your profile whether you are local so not sure if this is specific enough for you) please let me know if I havent answered your question fully enough. BTW lovely cards, if you are local - did you do the stampin up cards with Yeeting ? XXX

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab card susan, I've never made an easel card as thought the same as you...

what can I say apart from, 'great minds thing alike', lol...

maria xx