Friday, 25 February 2011


All products are Stampin' Up.
The flower stamps are 'two-step' in that you stamp the solid background and then stamp again in a different colour for the detail. To enable accurate placement (wooden stamps obviously would not be an issue with clear ones) I used a Stamp-a-ma-jig.

Prior to going to SU class I had something similar but it was not as easy to use so I sold it and spent the money on the SU version. For a home-made stamp positioner I have seen people use lego and acetate/ plastic so that could be a very cheap option.

I have no connection to SU by the way, am not a demo or anything like that, so when I recommend their (or any other company's products) it is purely as a crafter.

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

YEAH I have a card looking like this on my french dresser in my lounge, it's gorgeous, thanks

maria xx