Sunday, 4 September 2011

Gift Bag

I posted a link the other day to a free tutorial for making a gift bag. The bags use a sheet of 12 x 12 and are very easy to do.

They're not quite wide enough for a DVD (which was my first thought) so I had a quick look in the supermarket whilst doing the weekly shopping to see what would fit.

The height is perfect for these bubble baths, also Cadbury's chocolate bags.
Handily these were on offer at Tesco so I thought I should buy some, just for your benefit you understand.
So you could see they fit the gift bag. Not because I wanted to eat them, no.

The Twirl ones are delicious ;)

1 comment:

Hi I'm Maria... said...

hahaha not that you tried the chocolates then, lol susan...

fab bags, that reminds me I forgot to look at the links you gave us... yes know, 'I hold my head down in shame' (saying that have been busy with more christmas cards, hehehe)...

maria xx