Monday, 24 September 2012

Chocolate Box

 When it's someone's birthday at my card-making club we like to give them a small inexpensive gift.
Cadbury's Dairy Milk is currently on offer at Tesco so I stocked up on a few bars thinking they would be ideal for the card-making ladies. I just needed to design a box to make them look a bit more exciting.

I decided on this wallet-style box, made from a sheet of plain 12 x 12
I've since made some with patterned card-stock and also tried stamping my own patterns on plain. It's a good way of using up patterned card-stock that I have been hoarding and don't know quite what to do with.

Score the sheet at 1 1/4" and 2" from the left and right hand sides, then score at 3" and 3 3/4" from the top and bottom.
Cut off all four corners where the lines intersect, that should give you something like shown above. Fold all the score lines inwards.

Put a couple of strips of super-sticky tape just on the bottom flap. If you want the top flap to have a fancy/ punched edge then do that now.

Adhere the bottom flap to the sides. This should now be a basic wallet-box.
It's just the right size for a 230g bar of Dairy Milk.

My craft club ladies have suggested punching holes in the top and threading ribbon through to make it look like a handbag. I just used some ribbon wrapped around and tied in a bow then added a matching tag.

Another suggestion was instead of using it for a bar of chocolate to put a bulky card inside, something like decoupage, that wouldn't fit in an ordinary envelope. I like the excuse of buying bars of choccy though...

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh love this idea, think it needs pinching lol... as would be great for steven's carers, thanks

what size chocci did you use (as not brought a bar for years) then need to check out where they are on offer...xx

maria xx