Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Shot Glass

Not a card, I've either been too busy or not in the mood for paper-crafting lately. Because of the bad weather card club had to be cancelled the last few weeks, I think that affected my mojo a lot.

At a local gift shop I spotted these shot glasses.
The 'Happy Birthday' is lovely and sparkly in real life and if I can figure out how what they used to write on the glass I'll be making some similar ones myself.
I'm wondering if it's a glue gun with a glitter stick but I'll definitely be looking next time I'm at a craft shop, see if I can see something suitable.

Because of certain retail companies folding recently and not honouring gift vouchers it has really put me off giving them as gifts. I don't like giving cash as a rule but sometimes it's hard to know what to give instead.
So I decided to 'jazz-up' a cash gift and put it in the shot glass.

I wrapped the glass in coloured tissue and placed it in a tall cello card bag and tied some curly ribbon round. It looked so nice I forgot to take a photo ;)

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

wow love this susan and totally agree about the gift cards, what a shame we are all thinking along the say lines...

hope your mojo comes back soon (better not tell you I've made 12 cards this last couple of weeks, lol)...

maria xx