Saturday, 14 June 2014


I am very much a crafter who picks things up and then decides what to make, rather than someone who decides what to make first and then searches for the right items; be at that home in my craft room or in a craft shop/ online site.

The problem with this method is when I come to make a card for someone specific I quite often leave it until very late and am then 'scratting round' trying to think what to do!

Last week was our wedding anniversary and I hadn't forgotten the date or anything but for some reason just did not make a card, then realised at 11pm the night before.
I needed something very quick and simple, hence this card.

Picked up a sheet of Teresa Collins 12 x 12 and spotted this bicycle-themed panel (one of our shared hobbies is cycling so it was appropriate) and then almost immediately found a sheet of matching rust-coloured card with a very slight sheen. Pure luck.

I did wonder whether to emboss the card-stock as worried it was too plain and simple but the card itself is 8x8 inches, which has more impact than my usual 6x6 anyway, and I do think sometimes less is definitely more and not because I was very tired at this point and couldn't be bothered.

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