Saturday, 30 August 2014

Tall box

A kind lady at my craft club has been baking birthday cakes for the other members recently.
I wanted to make her a small gift to say 'thank you'.

I know there are a million box-making tutorials out there but I like to make a box for a specific item rather than make a random box and then have to search high and low for something to fit in it.
I use Stampin' Up! grid paper to size out my boxes, the squares make it easier to see how many centimetres I need to measure out.

I cut a piece of card-stock down to 26 x 20cm then scored it at 6, 12, 18, and 24cm.
On the long side I scored at 3cm. I then cut away the small corner and decorated with some panels of SU patterned paper before assembling the box, the base just needs taping too (not shown on the photos but I'm sure you can figure it out).

Red ultra-sticky tape is on offer this weekend at Affixit Craft, it's a bargain price anyway but until midnight on Sunday everything is Buy-One-Get-One-Free. That works out at 40 rolls for £12.98, less than 33p per roll. Their 'Super Sticky Kit' is also really good value.

To make the lid I cut a piece of card-stock to 14cm square and scored it at 4cm all round.

 If I am making a lid I don't butt the card-stock all the way into the left-side of my scoring board, I pull it away about 1 or 2mm, if you don't do this you'd need to cut the card just slightly larger than 14cm.

I made a small hole in the centre of the card-stock before sticking the lid together.

I bought these biscuit sticks in Tesco, another BOGOF, they fit perfectly in the finished box which is about 17cm by 6cm.

Hopefully you can see why I made the hole in the centre of the lid. I wanted the lid to be held tight to the box so instead of tying ribbon over it I wrapped the ribbon up two sides of the box and then brought the ends up through the inside of the lid, before tying in a bow.

It is much more secure than if I'd just tied the ribbon round the outside, there's no way it's coming off!
This will work with any size box/ lid and if you've got plenty of ribbon you can bring it up all four sides and tie in double bows.

I finished the box off with a die-cut from a Clearly Besotted die, I think these are really good value at £2.50 each, cute font, I just trimmed the edges slightly to fit.

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