Sunday, 6 September 2015

Gilded Snowflake

Seeing as the weather here has definitely turned Autumnal I decided to make a start on my Christmas cards.
I didn't want to pull out all my C-themed stash so just picked something from the first box I reached.

I've used an Indigo Blu snowflake stamp with some gilding flakes.
Normally I used gilding flakes with self-adhesive sheets and die-cuts so using them with stamps and glue is a new one for me.

The card was so difficult to photograph to show the gleam of the gilding. It's a much richer metallic colour than embossing powder and there was no warping which I sometimes get when I've used a heat gun.

The sentiment stamp is by Sweet Dixie (I chopped it in half as I wanted to stagger the words, really easy to do with clear stamps)

I like the gilding technique but I don't like the actual card!
I know who will like it though and it will be flat to post which is always a bonus.

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