Friday, 1 January 2016

Party Time

 Like a lot of people I've been suffering the last few weeks with a really heavy cold. I felt like death warmed up one particular week but perked up just enough to attend both of our craft club parties.

We'd already arranged our meal at the local golf club when Tesco kindly invited us to a festive lunch in their staff canteen (if you don't already know we use a community room in Tesco each week).
We were really excited about this lunch, not so much the food but the fact that we all wanted to see behind the scenes in Tesco!

It was really nice, we were seated together and the store management served us our food. Didn't cost us a penny (the community room hire each week is free as well), so a big thank you to Tesco :)

For our golf club lunch I'd already bought some favour bags and had great plans to decorate them for a little gift for my ladies.
Unfortunately due to feeling so ill I left it till the last minute and then had to just cobble them together...

I started embellishing the tags (Sue Wilson die) by using a chisel-tip glue pen to write names before adding embossing powder and heating.
Then I realised that the chisel-tip would be too large to use for some names so switched to a finer tip glue pen, hence half the names looking completely different.

The stitched holly die is by Poppy Stamps. In an ideal world I would have added some sort of accent to these but by this point I'd had enough.

Hope everyone had a healthy and happy Christmas and wishing you the same for 2016.

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