Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Season's Greetings

Another club project.
This one uses a die by Chloe Endean, cut three times on different card-stocks and then the leaves snipped off on two of them and attached to the third.

I'm not sure I like the colours used, I think silver and blue might have been less Autumnal?

My card-making has gone out of the window lately because of this little chap.
We've had him for two weeks now and normal life has been completely turned upside down, I feel like an extra pair of eyes and hands would be very handy at the moment.

He's eleven weeks old today, just been on his first proper walk outside (on the beach no less), and we've had plenty of complete strangers cooing over him!
Even the vet, who must be looking at dogs all day, took a shine to him this morning and we had two ladies literally run across the car park to come and say hello. Can you tell I am a proud puppy mama?

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serendipity said...

He's totally gorgeous Sue, I'm amazed you can make any cards at all, given all the adoring you have to do!! Your card is lovely, the copper is particularly fabulous and it's a great font.