Friday, 24 February 2017

Sea Glass

We live a few minutes drive from the local beach so every day me and the puppy go there for our walk.  The beach gets 'combed' every day (large tractor-thing with a huge rake) so if you time it right it's nice and flat and clean. Depending on the weather/ tides there's sometimes heaps of shells and other times it just looks like a lot of flat mud!

One thing I had noticed amongst the shells was sea glass. If you don't already know it's literally small pieces of normal glass that have been tossed and battered about by the water and the sand. The glass becomes opaque as it gets battered and it also loses any sharp edges.

On our walks I decided to start picking up the sea glass and I've managed to acquire quite a collection. You can actually buy it on eBay but I like to think I'm helping clear up our beach and, of course, it's completely free.

The most common colours locally seem to be white and pale aqua but I've also collected some lovely cobalt blue. Our downstairs loo has aqua-coloured accessories so I thought I'd make something with the sea glass to hang in there and remind me of happy walks with Fletcher.

I've just used a box-frame and some card stock, the frame is 12 x 12 but the aperture is 8 x 8 inches.
Loads of sea glass ideas on Pinterest, I like the idea of a tea-light holder next.

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