Saturday, 6 October 2012


Grrrrr, so I figured out the measurements for a box to hold a 230g bar of Dairy Milk....and Cadbury's have changed the size to 200g.
I'm sure it won't make any difference to the box dimensions but annoying that they think customers won't notice there is less chocolate!

So I made a smaller box to hold a different manufacturer's chocolate bar.

The box is made the same way as the one I showed the other day, just change the measurements slightly and it will hold 'ChokaBlok' 100g bars instead of Dairy Milk. The Dairy Milk boxes are made with a single piece of 12 x 12 whereas this one uses a piece of A4.

I find it easier to buy something (chocolate!) and then build a box to fit rather than make a box and have to search for something to go in it.
I use a Martha Stewart scoreboard if I want imperial measurements and a Stampin' Up board on the top of that if I want metric. So for bars of chocolate I lay them on some scrap paper, on top of the scoring board, and roughly score around the bar, from there I can work out approximately what the actual measurements are.

 For 'ChockaBlok' 100g box:  

Take a piece of A4 card-stock, stamp a pattern randomly if wished.
Score at 2cm and 4cm along each side as shown above
Spin the card-stock round so it is landscape and score at 7cm, 9cm, 20cm and 22cm

Cut away each corner and fold all score-lines inwards.

Add a line of glue or ultra-sticky tape as shown in red above.
Assemble box and tie closed with ribbon and tag.

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

lol I recognise this box lol and the chocci is all safe inside my tum, lol... thanks once again for it and the goodies susan..xx

maria xx