Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Calendar

I bought this Kaisercraft advent calendar kit months ago.
I think it was September before I took it out of the packet, then took ages painting it all. The instructions I read said it would need two coats but I gave it three and still wasn't happy with the finish (but was extremely bored of painting by then)

Assembly was straight-forward enough but I was concerned as to whether the MDF would have swollen with the paint and then not fit properly.
After all this I read a blog post where someone suggested assembling it all first and then simply spray painting the whole lot....yeah, wish I'd read that before I started!

The calendar had been sitting about for a few weeks because, although I'd painted it dark brown, I had no idea how to decorate it.
I was hoping that the shops would start getting their Christmas decorations in and that it would inspire me.

Then, last week I realised it was December 1st (today) and that I needed to crack on else there would be no point at all in having an advent calendar.

I am a fan of the Tilda range of papers so eventually decided to use a combination in duck-egg/ brown.

I'm ashamed to say the calendar is still not complete but I have put some chocolates in anyway and it is nearly done ...

I need to number all the boxes (but don't like the huge numbers that come with the kit) and also I want to do something with the big area in the middle.
Maybe by next Christmas I'll have it done :)

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

ah the 'IT' project lol... love the colours you have used...

mine is still not even put together lol... right will add that to my 'to do' list and like you will it be done for this Christmas ;-) xx