Friday, 7 November 2014

Chocolate Orange Box

Terry's Chocolate Oranges are a real sign of Christmas to me. Currently £1 each at Tesco, I couldn't resist buying a couple, purely to use them in my crafting, not for me to eat oh no.

Frustratingly they are slightly too large in their packaging to make a one-piece box, just by a fraction. Instead I've made a box with lid, the alternative is obviously to remove from the packaging first, maybe next time I'll do that.

So for the base of the box I used a piece of plain green card 7. 7/8 inches and scored it each side at 2.5 inches (working in inches at the request of my craft club ladies, they don't get on with cm).

I stamped all over with three HOTP stamps using Versamark and clear embossing powder. If I'm stamping a random pattern with clear stamps I put them all on the acrylic block together, no need to stamp one at a time.

Same with the lid, a piece of gold card stamped pretty much all over; the corners are going to be hidden so I wasn't too bothered about stamping those bits.
Gold card is 7" square and scored each side at 2"

Corners cut up one side, a slice trimmed off, and ultra-strong tape to adhere the box.

That gives something a little like the above photo (I didn't stamp this one first, was a prototype)
By the time the chocolate orange is inside the lid is then raised by the size of the original packaging.

Some sparkly cord tied round the box

Spellbinders poinsettia die set to make the topper

Very simple to make and no one guessed what was inside so a good way of disguising a stocking-filler present.

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