Sunday, 3 April 2016

Woven Celebrate

Last year one of my ladies very kindly lent me her Sue Wilson weaving dies. I promptly cut four panels and put them in my 'to do' drawer where they have languished for months.
Every time I looked in the drawer I could see these things staring at me so a couple of weeks ago I finally managed to cobble a card together.

I enjoyed the weaving bit but to be honest I wouldn't personally buy these dies as I wouldn't know how to make any different styles using them. To get the effect here you need both weaving dies and together they are over £30. For that amount of money I would rather have dies that can be used in a larger variety of ways.

Most of the other dies here (flowers, flower outlines, frame and leaves) are also Sue Wilson, just the sentiment die that is Sizzix.

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